Choosing the Best Probiotics For Your Health

I bet you never thought you’d actually WANT bacteria in your gut, now did you? Yet now that probiotics and probiotic supplementation have taken center stage in the fight to maintain vibrant health, more and more people who may have never even heard the word probiotic before are starting to pay attention – close attention.

But how can you know which are the best probiotics to take? And what’s more, where can you find them?

Just in case you don’t happen to know what probiotics are, or what the benefits of taking a probiotic supplement can be, let’s cover a little of the background first. (If you’re already familiar with the benefits of probiotics, you can scroll on down to the bottom of this article where I’ve provided a couple great links that will help you choose the best probiotics for you.)

What Do Probiotics Do?

I like short answers and short explanations, so let’s address the basic question of what probiotics do this way… Probiotics keep Probiotics for Men and Women Results you healthy. Period.

According to many studies as well as a recent story on CNN, scientists have been aware of the connection between probiotics and vibrant health for decades.

If you’re old enough, you may remember those old Dannon yogurt commercials featuring a town in the former Soviet Union where many of the inhabitants were over 100 years old — and attributed their longevity to the fact that they ate lots and lots of yogurt, thus getting millions of beneficial probiotics into their bodies every day.

Today, we’re a bit more sophisticated about it. Yes, yogurt — at least the ones that contain those “live and active cultures” you see on the label — do contain probiotics. But many times there aren’t enough, or the right kind, for us to truly get all the benefits.

In fact, many people take probiotic supplements that contain many different “strains” of probiotics to get the full effect. For example, some probiotics will help restore your body’s balance after a course of antibiotics (a well-known killer of the good bacteria that lives in your gut), but will do nothing for your overall immunity.

I could go on and on about which probiotic is best for every specific symptom or problem you may be experiencing — as well as which ones are best to give your overall health a giant boost — but there are better sources that I’d rather point you to that can offer a more complete breakdown.